Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Craft Challenge 1-Uniform

One of the nicest things about being in a craft collective (besides sharing the price of craft fair tables) is sharing ideas and getting inspired. Our collective, the Department of Craft, thought it would be nice to have a monthly Craft Challenge. We each wrote down a word, put them all into a hat and one of us picked out the challenge. The plan was that each of us would then make something based on that word and present it to the group at the end of the month. September's Challenge was "Uniform".

The purpose of this challenge is not to compete but to really think and flex our crafty muscles. I know that I get really bogged down by making things to sell that I don't make things for the joy of making them. It really felt nice to sit down and think about what I could do without worrying if it would sell or who my target market would be. No, this is purely for fun and inspiration.

Last night we met, ate many cookies and showed off our work. Here are some of the projects:

Adam (also known as my husband) made a cycling hat out of camo fabric. It looked really great and he thinks he's going to start making more hats. I swear I'm not just saying that because we're married.

Jenn took it in a different direction and thought of the word uniform as "sameness". I love that she used tampons. They really are perfectly shaped.

Lori took one uniform (Girl Scouts) and made it into another one (Riot Grrrl). That bird is just the cutest.

And finally, my take on uniforms was that everyone has a uniform of sorts. If Adam and I were dolls, this is what we would be wearing in the package. Note the one pant leg rolled up on hid black pants for biking.

At the end of our crafty night, we picked a new challenge for October: "light". Hmmm... so many ideas already. Oh, and if anyone wants to play along, send me a picture! It will be fun.


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